Thursday, August 17, 2006

Choosing an Exercise

The best exercise is an activity that you enjoy enough to really pursue enthusiastically. Experiment with different forms of activity (cross training). Alternating new activities with old favorites will keep your enthusiasm high. Cross training also helps avoid injury due to repeatedly doing the same activity. Here are some suggestions:

Indoor (Facility) Activities: If the treadmill, stairmaster, rowing machine or stationery cycle doesn't excite you, sample some group activities that strike your fancy. Participate in a group cycling class, beat stress with yoga, find balance with martial arts, stay cool with indoor swimming, or kick some you-know-what with boxaerobics.
For more information: Equipment Dos and Don'ts

At Home Activities: You don't need to join a gym to experience a variety of activities. Your local video store or library will carry a variety of fitness videos that allow you to workout in the privacy of your home. Some equipment may be required, depending on the activity you select. A few inexpensive pieces of equipment include a jump rope, a set of hand weights (preferably with weight plates that you can add and remove), Dyna-Bands or tubing, or a basic step (for step aerobics).

If you enjoy working out at home then you may want to consider investing in a larger piece of equipment such as a treadmill, ski machine, stationery bicycle, or elliptical trainer.
For more information: Buying Equipment for a Home Gym

Outdoor Activities: Outdoor activities abound during all four seasons. Sample the variety of activities available to you. For example, take a hike to enjoy the Fall colors, learn to cross-country ski when Old Man Winter visits, walk among the flowers in the Spring, or dive into swimming during the hot months of Summer. Getting outdoors into the fresh air not only adds variety to your exercise program but it seems to provide an uplifting of one's spirit as well.


Penguin Trauma said...

Hi, just stumbled across your blog, and was wandering if you could advise me.

Which is the best exercise for losing weight?? I've started taking up spinning/rpm - how effective is that for shifting the flobby-belly? Or should I do something else?

AZApoker Entertainment said...

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Jet0002 said...

I've found that walking is the best way to get to White Castle or McDonalds. And really, what better way to rid yourself of the guilt after you down 25 slyders 3 orders of onion rings and a Diet Coke?

And if you choose to be fat and unhealthy, then you simply need someone to throw you a good beating. Did you know Elvis's colon was 45 pounds when he died? Someone should have re-educated him with a baseball bat and gotten his ass on a treadmill.

Yes, physical pain is the motivation necessary to staying completely fit and happy. Run until you collapse in exhaustion. Eat bland food. I guess you could say pain is the spice of life!! :)

Now said...

So interesting.